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A good operational strategy:

• Ensures that every aspect of an organization (from supply chain to customer interactions) supports the corporate goals

• Articulates how an organization will be different than it is today

• Builds an organizational structure and governance process that allows the organization to excel

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The ability to create products and services that implement your strategy is critical to your success. Speed, flexibility, and agility in your development processes allow you to respond to customer demands and changing environments.  This requires:

• Customer engagement that brings customers into product development

• Product, portfolio, and platform management that ensures decisions are timely, decisive, and reduce waste

• Clear lines of authority to ensure accountability among divisions and with suppliers

• Innovation management that focuses precious R&D funds on important projects that get quickly into customer hands

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An organization’s operations indicate more about its strategy implementation than any of its other activities. Effective and efficient operations carefully consider:

• Infrastructure like IT is optimized to ensure support is provided efficiently and not as redundant stovepipes

• Supply chains are integrated with customers and suppliers to reduce waste and improve partnerships

• Effective sourcing agreements minimize costs and reduce risk - from raw materials to outsourced IT support

• Operational performance measures provide meaningful input to decisions, not charts that don’t matter

Market Analysis

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Here’s what we at Top Corner Consulting have accomplished:

• Service Desk Optimization at an Intelligence Community IT organization

‣ Analyzed call volumes to reduce variability and adjust staffing levels significantly reducing costs and increasing service desk agent utilization

• Supply chain optimization

‣ Identified $50M+ dollars in unused IT sparing equipment

‣ Working with the client to implement vendor managed inventory strategy

• Customer Engagement

‣ Identified high cost customers for a service provider; 1% of customers making 23% of service calls!

‣ Identifying opportunities to better meet customer needs and reduce reliance on costly service desk

• Cyber Security Optimization

‣ Expanded the visibility of a cyber defense organization to improve the Computer Network Defense (CND) posture of the organization's network infrastructure

‣ Spreading fixed costs associated with monitoring over a greater number of devices reduces the organization’s monitoring footprint and saves money

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