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A strategy that sits in a binder on a shelf and can't be executed is worthless; a strong operational strategy:

  • Ensures that every aspect of an organization (from R&D investments to supply chain to customer interactions) supports the corporate goals

  • Includes actionable substance that can be measured and monitored

  • Leverages a governance structure and management processes that allow the organization to excel

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Speed and agility in your product and service development processes allow you to respond to customer demands and changing environments and requires:

  • Customer engagement that brings customers into product development

  • Product, portfolio, and platform management that ensures decisions are timely, decisive, and reduce waste

  • Innovation management that focuses precious R&D funds and energy on important projects that quickly get into customer hands

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Effective and efficient operations carefully consider:

  • Optimized infrastructure to ensure services are provided efficiently

  • Integrated supply chains to reduce waste and improve partnerships

  • Effective sourcing agreements to minimize costs and reduce risk

  • Operational performance measures to provide meaningful input to decisions

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